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Patriarchs’ Journal is a free electronic periodical dedicated to the definition, defense, support and encouragement of the God-ordained family as an autonomous, sovereign entity that existed before civil governments and religious organizations, and is independent of their approval and direction.

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A literal wealth of study material on the biblical family. In addition to personal use, it can be used for teaching material, or for family reading times. It also serves as a great reference work as it has an issue, article, author, topic and Scripture index. (8.5” x 11”) 146 Pages, Paperback, $14.95 each.

Patriarchs’ Journal

 is NOT about …

Celestial Marriage

Child Brides

Underage Marriage


Arranged Marriage


Tyranny and Oppression

Patriarchs’ Journal

IS about …

Biblical Marriage

Genuine Love

Honoring God

Providing for Women & Children

Self-Sacrificial Living

Stewardship and Care

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